Common sense is uncommon!


Most common things are assumed to be commonly available. However, common sense is an exception.

Common sense is uncommon!

If we observe ourselves closely, without thinking, we repeat our past patterns, habits and approaches. We tend to do things the way we have always done. Yes, it is common sense to not scroll mobile feeds over the dinner table, but our habits drive our actions on autopilot.

We often overcomplicate things. Sometimes knowingly, because we may want to make ourselves special. Other times, unknowingly out of ignorance. Consultants use certain methodologies, and frameworks to demonstrate how complex the problem is. Other times they just do what they always have done, without thinking and not using common sense.

We like to follow the set processes. We don’t tend to ask many ‘why’ questions. We often blindly follow the process and think, we are doing the right thing. We are so used to paper towels that we do not question their use to prevent environmental damage.

Common sense is uncommon, indeed!

Let us not assume it is uncommon for others. This observation may be true for us as well. We just need to watch ourselves a little closer!