Communication problem or clarity of thought problem!


When it comes to communication, we encounter individuals who are skilled at expressing themselves clearly and precisely, while others may struggle to convey their thoughts effectively. Upon closer examination, I’ve realised that this is not merely a communication issue but rather a clarity of thought problem. It’s about not fully grasping the subject matter, which hampers our communication ability. However, as we accumulate experience or delve into topics where we have a deeper understanding, the quality of our communication undergoes a significant transformation.

So, what does it mean for us?

It means that as Project Managers, Project Sponsors, and executives, if we find it difficult to understand technical jargon, then most likely, our Technical team do not know enough as yet.

Similarly, if the consultant cannot explain the root cause of the business problem, she may still be figuring it out.

So, when communication becomes ambiguous, it may not be a communication problem but a clarity-of-thought problem. Do not rule out this hypothesis without testing it.