Consultants and cab drivers scam!


Cab drivers are often known for scamming new visitors within the city. They take longer routes to make more on the meter. So, the rider has to pay more.

Consultants are even worse. The consulting model of per/hour charge is ideally suited for taking longer routes to make more billable hours. Unfortunately, many times the customer never even reaches their planned destination. In other words, the project objective is not met. The only difference between the consulting and cab driver scams is that in the former the customers cannot see the ripoff quite clearly.

The standard consulting Business model is not based on how to deliver the best results in the shortest possible time. Instead, it is based on boosting billability and margin for each consulting hour sold to the customer. Hence, it is so common to see projects dragging on for months. Consultants and Partners support each other to overcomplicate things. They are not shy to undertake tasks that add no value to the project.

Due to this practice, the consultants earn a bad name.

Consultants have a vital role to play in your project. But, don’t rush to hire any consultant. Take time to engage the consultants that have a genuine interest in serving you and your organisation.

Beware of consultants and cab drivers scam!