The real cost of hiring a Project team member!


We hire roles for our Project team. For example, we hire a Project Manager, Architect, or Developer. The general practice provides compensation (salary) based on experience and qualification. So, the higher the role within an organisation, the bigger the salary. Similarly, an employee can command a higher salary with more experience.

So far, it makes sense! Isn’t it?

But what is the real cost of hiring a Project Team member?

The real cost depends on the type of resource.

You may pay a fortune if the resource makes simple things complex. Similarly, the employee can do much harm by being difficult to others.

The real cost of hiring a Project Team member is not their salary or bonus. Instead, it is the possible damage the person can do to the project. The damage can be in any form (damaging culture, burning relationships, complicating simpler stuff)

The question is, are we capturing the real cost of hiring a Project Team member?

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