The cost of making a decision!

Decision making

Getting Managers to make a decision can be challenging at times.

As a Business owner/Project sponsor, try to estimate the cost of making a decision by your Managers. It is the total of the hours your team spends in discussions multiplied by their hourly rate. You may be shocked to see how much it costs the business.

Further, consider how many times the Managers change their minds. It complicates the problem even further.

There is an easy solution for this. Get your Project Manager (PM) to maintain a Decisions Register for the project. Keep the decisions log transparent to identify issues and bottlenecks throughout the project execution.

Here is an example for you:

IDDecisionDecision OwnerDateComments
1Decide if Historical data needs to be migrated to the new ERPSP Singh<End date to make the decision>SP has scheduled meetings with stakeholders and will advise an outcome by 12/02/23
Sample Decision Register