Digital Transformation: Creating Capacity for Senior Management

Digital Transformation

The success of any journey depends on its preparation.

The Digital Transformation journey is no different. One critical preparation area is freeing time for the senior managers (C-suite, General Managers, Department heads)  so they can take an active role in transformation.

Here are a few solutions that my clients have implemented in the past:

  • Backfill the role of a few senior managers
  • Pass on some of their responsibility downstream
  • Orgnisational restructure

Here are a few other solutions that may help in creating capacity for senior management:

  • Training to improve efficiency in existing business tools (e.g. MS Office, Teams, Document Management, Reporting)
  • Simplification and improvement in reporting
  • Cutting waste (e.g. unnecessary meetings, processes, reports, admin)
  • Technology solutions
  • A mix of the above

It is too tempting to start the transformation initiates without preparation. However, as a Sponsor, ensure that the key senior managers can support the transformation and make a difference.