Breaking the Crisis Deadlock!

Business Improvement

During a crisis, analysing the best ways to escape it is not practical. We just do whatever makes sense. We do not think of an optimal way. Instead, we tend to react and focus on survival.

Most organisations move from one survival situation to another. There is no time to discuss process improvement, automation, or workflows, as day-to-day work always takes priority.

It is a crisis deadlock situation, too. The lack of process and digital maturity leads to manual work. The manual information processing puts an extra burden on the staff. Hence, the team keeps busy doing what they always have done (firefighting and survival).

The solution to this problem is to build capacity. When we build capacity, we break the deadlock of unavailability of resources and get people to work on the improvement initiatives. Yes, it will cost, but the cost of improvement is likely much less than continuing to deploy resources for crisis management.