Let Us Get This Right: CRM Is Not The Sales Tool!

Customer Relationship Management

Relationships are like delicate dances, and to waltz with others successfully, we must first grasp their wants, expectations, and pain points. We develop trust and rapport when we show up for people and provide a listening ear.
This is true not only in human relationships, but it is also a basic principle of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Don’t be tricked into thinking CRM is simply sophisticated sales software. It’s a full discipline that affects every element of your business, from pre-sales to customer service. What is the goal? To develop dedicated, satisfied customers who rave about your brand to everyone they know.

If you use CRM software only within the Sales team, then do not refer to it as a CRM. Instead, call it a Sales management system. Let us get this right, CRM is not the sales tool!

The fundamental meaning of CRM is how we interact with and serve our customers at every touchpoint. So let’s make meaningful connections throughout our customer journeys and wow their experience at every step possible!