What is the role of a Customer Project Sponsor in Enterprise software implementation?


Continuing from our ‘building the big family house‘ example, let us continue.

Please first refer to the following two posts, for continuity:

So, let us start by discussing the example of ‘building a big house for your family’. We already covered that selected family members (SMEs) work closely with the Builder (vendor). Then, the Project Manager works closely with the Builder and the family members to ensure the project’s success.

So, what is the role of a Customer Project Sponsor?

The Customer Project Sponsor is ultimately accountable for the project. The Sponsor owns the project’s outcome (house in this case).

The Sponsor needs to ensure that the investment is worthwhile. The Sponsor is accountable for the success and failure of the project. The Sponsor makes all the critical decisions and oversees the project.

The Sponsor is responsible for writing cheques for all project costs (vendors, internal, expenses). The Sponsor may be spending his own money or managing the budget on behalf of his organisation.

As a Sponsor, there is so much on your shoulders. How are you preparing for sponsorship with limited time available to you per day?