Are you a decision maker or decision facilitator?

Decision making

The Project team expects you to make all the major project decisions as a Sponsor. It may be a default position and expectations, but you have a conscious choice. You can choose to be a decision maker or decision facilitator.

There is a big difference between them. As a decision maker, you take responsibility for gathering facts and supporting information to make a decision. However, as a decision facilitator, you engage the relevant stakeholders and collaborate with them to make a decision.

You must choose which deliverables you will be a decision maker and facilitator. For example, you may want to review and approve the Business Case but choose to be a facilitator for the Statement of Work approval. It may make sense to take full ownership of the Business Case and involve the Business executives to review and approve their departmental requirements in the Statement of work.

Do not accept being a decision maker as a default position. Instead, choose the deliverables/decision points you like to work with as a facilitator.