Leading with Purpose: Deliver Value to Those We Serve!


As individuals in leadership positions, we have a certain degree of power. We have a choice as to how we want to utilise the power.

We can choose to encourage our Project team to be more vocal and flag issues that may be hindering the project’s success. Alternatively, we can choose to use our power to intimidate them. We may choose to discourage them from pointing out any flaws or mistakes we may be making.

It is crucial for us to make a conscious decision about how we choose to utilise our power. By encouraging our team members to speak up, we promote teamwork, collaboration, and improvement. On the other hand, by choosing to intimidate our team members, we are hindering progress and potentially causing waste through a lack of constructive feedback.

As leaders, we must recognise that it is not about our egos or personal pride. Instead, we must focus on delivering something of significant value to our stakeholders. By thinking beyond our own insecurities, we can create a more successful and productive working environment.

Clearly, we have a choice!

So, we must make a conscious effort to deliver value to those we serve!