Demonstrate extreme patience when you are in pain!

Decision making

When you are in pain, you may need help from others. However, others may know about your pain too. This can be an opportunity for others to sell to you. Unfortunately, many who lack integrity may use this opportunity to sell and exploit you further because you are in pain.

This happens all the time. We need to pay attention. It is undoubtedly an integrity issue. But you don’t want to be the person who is already in pain being exploited.

Let us see some examples:

  • The project has some severe delivery issues. There is a high turnover in the project team. Rather than fixing the problem’s root cause, the vendor (consulting company/Body shop) deploys incompetent resources who complicate things even more. Hence, the consulting company can deploy even more resources.
  • When an obese patient needs urgent help, the wellness company may get the patient on a substandard diet plan as a quick win and cross-sell as many products and services as possible.
  • When the business is already struggling with debt, the creditor’s priority may not be to help genuinely. Instead, they may choose to offer credit to buy the company.

When you are in pain, the time is against you. There is a high chance you can make wrong decisions. The sellers around you know about your vulnerability. They can use your situation against you.

Therefore, demonstrate extreme patience when you are in pain!