Different shades of truth!


Hear the following conversation:

Sandy: Hey Rob, I need to review the issue, and I will get back to you asap.

It is a high-priority issue, and Rob wants to share an update with the executive sponsor (Tim). Read the following possible responses from Rob. Note that Rob is not lying but setting the narrative with different shades of truth:

Rob: Tim, Sandy told me that she would review the issue and get back to me asap.

Rob: Tim, Sandy said she would review the issue but didn’t tell me when she would get back to me.

Rob: Tim, Sandy has not provided any firm date for getting back to me

Rob: Tim, I hope Sandy reviews the issue and gets back to us before it is too late.

Note that Rob is telling the truth. However, his selection of words gives an entirely different message to Rob.

We like to think of ourselves are rational individuals with high values and integrity. However, we constantly project different shades of truth with our intent and the words we choose.

If you are on receiving end, you cannot afford to rely on one source. You must understand the dynamics of different shares of truth! Therefore you must have a network to hear perspectives and narratives to develop a 360 view of the world!

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