Digital Transformation: Five Stages of Digital Maturity!

Digital Transformation

Here are the five stages leading up to the digital transformation:. Each step represents a level of digital maturity.

Five Stages of Digital Maturity

  1. Getting your house in order: Implement enterprise software and essential integration with other systems.
  2. Develop Project Management capabilities: Develop Project Management capabilities in-house to prioritise, plan, and implement projects with in-house Project Managers.
  3. Modernise the digital landscape: Develop enterprise architecture practice and continuous improvement practice. Set up PMO and business sponsorship to develop a top-down review and implementation of digital initiatives.
  4. Embed digital within business: Digital strategy starts to support the business strategy. Execution speed, effectiveness and efficiency to digitalise improve rapidly.
  5. Digital Transformation: The business is ready to handle major digital transformation initiatives continuously.

Often, business is stuck on one stage for many years. Others go backwards, too. A few tries to jump the stages by significant investments. But digital maturity takes time.

Which stage are you on now? What is your plan to move to the next step?