What are the Digital Transformation Services?

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a complicated business. One of the questions that I often hear is:

What are the Digital Transformation Services?

In other words, the different types of services Digital Transformation vendors offer?

You may be tempted to fire this question on your favourite search engine. I would recommend controlling that temptation and reading this article first.

Look, vendors often use catchy keywords and terms to sell than to serve. In this post, I am listing various Digital Transformation Services in a straightforward way.

Let us first simplify Digital Transformation. In the Digital Transformation initiative, you add new or improve existing Digital Capabilities. In simple words, you are deploying automation for the existing manual work.

Consider you live in a solid old house. You want to renovate (transform) your home. You are adding the new capabilities like a provision for a dishwasher and dryer. You are also subdividing a big family area.

If you seek vendors that can assist you in doing the project, what sort of services will you pursue?

Digital Transformation Services

List of the Home renovation services:

  • Visioning and feasibility
  • Credit and funding
  • Architecture services
  • Design and planning
  • Project Management
  • Interior design
  • Home renovation education and advisory
  • Rescue

If you think carefully, the Digital Transformation Services are not much different.

Digital Transformation Services list:

  • Visioning and feasibility: Understanding business goals, vision, needs and problems. Undertaking feasibility study to check if the business can handle the initiative within given constraints (budget, time, cost and quality).
  • Credit and funding: Undertaking a Business Case development for the board’s capital expenditure approval. If required, finding alternative ways to seek credit/investment for the given initiative.
  • Architecture services: Developing Business, Information, Technology, Systems architecture to support the transformation.
  • Design and planning: Understanding business problems needs. Document Project objective, scope and an implementation plan.
  • Project Management: Taking ownership of project execution. Manage multiple vendors and internal project teams.
  • Interior design: These services include but are not limited to understanding current processes and developing a blueprint for future operations using intended technology.
  • Education and advisory: If you have in-house Digital Transformation capabilities, you can seek education and advisory services from the vendor.
  • Rescue: You ask for this service if you mess up your Digital transformation initiative.

The key is not to be carried away with catchy words. Digital Transformation is not much different from home renovation. So, please keep it simple and take time to understand the different types of Digital Transformation services available to you. Then, assess which type of services you need for the transformation project and why?

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