Digital Transformation Vs Continuous Improvement! Which is better?

Digital Transformation

Once upon a time, there were two champions, DT and CI. Both were dedicated and driven to their sport. DT was motivated to put an effort before the competition, transform his body and develop the strength to perform well. In contrast, CI developed systems, processes and habits to be in good share throughout.

As time passed, DT felt exhausted to keep on investing time and effort in transforming his body in preparation for the competitions. He thought he could not keep up with the latest and greatest techniques to be at his best. So, he gave up and called for premature retirement from the sport.

Whereas CI keep on crushing each competition with minimal effort. He continually kept himself up to date. So, he never had to invest extreme effort throughout his career. He keeps on growing and serving his sport.

The moral of the story, investing in Digital Transformation in 5-10 years is impractical. So instead, businesses should invest in developing Digital Capacity to continually improve and keep the Digital Capabilities up to date.

Digital Transformation Vs Continuous Improvement! To catch up, start with Digital Transformation but develop Digital Capacity for Continuous Improvement. Then, keep up with the technology continually.