A directionless busy team that goes nowhere!


We measure project progress by comparing the planned time/budget against the actuals. It is a very rudimentary method where everyone pretends to be busy.

Let us consider the following example:

I signed a contract with a Builder to construct my house. After two months, the Builder informed me that they had misinterpreted the requirements. But not to worry, they have found a workaround. After the work was complete, I took my family to walk through the property. My family did want some additional changes in the design. So I called in the Builder to talk about the different changes in the building structure.

In the above example, there is progress. The Builder’s resources are busy sorting work as per the plan. The question is that where such progress is leading us? Being busy following a crap plan leads us nowhere. What matters is the impact of our actions to meet our objective!

Blindly following a plan and pretending to be busy doesn’t take us anywhere. If we dig holes and fill them as planned within time and budget, we are merely a directionless busy team that goes nowhere!

A time for some self-evaluation!