Use distraction as a tool to improve customer experience!


Regardless of our job profile, or profession, we all are service providers. We offer services to internal and external customers.

The internal customer is part of our/other team, departments or managers.

The external customer is our client contact. So we all are offering services to someone else.

We may want to claim the high quality of our service delivery. However, the fact is that there are always pain points that our customers experience. The pain points may include waiting time, confusion, communication complexity, change management challenges, etc. If you cannot do anything to eliminate the customer’s pain, then use distraction as a tool to improve customer experience.

We have covered in previous posts that distraction is a pain reliever. Therefore, identify pain points that are beyond your control. Then, strategically and ethically deploy distraction tools to distract your customers from the pain points. This will help your customers to overcome pain quickly. At the same time, it will help you to improve customer experience.

The action for you is to list the pain points and then strategically and ethically deploy distraction tools. It is simple to write and then implement. But it works, and it is worth your time!

Good luck!

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