Do We Use Digital Transformation As A Buzzword? Revealing The Bitter Truth!


By all means, we can use Digital Transformation as a buzzword! Digital Transformation is not well defined. So, customer and vendor organisations loosely use the term. Therefore, it can mean different things to different people.

Digital Transformation As A Buzzword

Here are a few points to consider:

Are you using Digital Transformation as a buzzword yourself?

Like others, you can choose to use Digital Transformation for your project as a fancy name. If you are careful to manage expectations, there may be not much harm.

Consider, you are sponsoring an ERP upgrade project along with integration work. You can choose to be fancy and call it a Digital Transformation project. The crucial point is to remember that you are merely using a buzzword for attraction. In reality, your project is not digitally transforming your company.

Are you coming across others who are using Digital Transformation as a buzzword?

You choose to pick a fancy name for your project in the above point. Similarly, vendors and team members can use deceptive buzzwords as a feel-good mechanism. As a Sponsor, you must know this reality.

Consider software vendors using this term as a buzzword.

“Many Fortune 200 companies have implemented our software for digital transformation initiatives.”

So be careful and do not take such claims at their face value.

Why must you seriously think about Digital Transformation?

You may be deceiving others or can be fooled by the terms like Digital Transformation. Note that there is immense value in seriously thinking about Digital Transformation. You take your company to a whole new level if you do it right. You must seriously think about Digital Transformation because:

  • Technology has a lot to offer. Businesses are taking too long to adopt and catch-up
  • If you smartly plan, ROI on Digital Transformation is huge
  • With the rapid technology advancement, many companies are going out of business. As they are no longer relevant. So staying current with technology has become a necessity now.

Summary – Digital Transformation as a buzzword!

In summary, feel free to use Digital Transformation as a buzzword. At the same time, be aware when others are using it. Overcome deception of words.

Seriously think about Digital Transformation. Irrespective of your current state of business, invest your time and seriously think about Digital Transformation.

It is worth it!