Do You Choose to Please or Lead?


Teachers, parents, managers, and leaders often have a choice. Some of us choose to please, and others choose to lead.

The ones who please tend to look at themselves. They may want to please others to avoid conflict, difficult situations, or even hard work.

The ones who lead from the front often look at the others they serve. They make them work hard, push them, make them sweat, stress them with challenges, and make them shine. While doing it, they may face criticism and negativity. They continue to push along and do the right thing for the people they serve.

As leaders, we often have this choice.

Looking back, I am grateful to the leaders who have pushed me hard and asked me to stretch my boundaries. I am thankful to those who challenge me to find a better me. They are the ones who made a real difference to me and numerous others.

How about you? Do you choose to please or lead?