Embracing Change: Rethinking the GOAT Label in a Dynamic World!

Change Management

Often, we make broad judgements and label people with GOAT (Greatest of All Times) titles.

In my view, we cannot make a reasonable comparison across time. With time, way too many variables change. Therefore, how can we compare and logically give someone a GOAT title?

For instance, think of a great visionary (GOAT). We may argue it is Elon Musk, Karl Marx, or a person who practically used a wheel.

We cannot precisely compare yesterday with today.

This observation is equally accurate in project benefits analysis after implementation. The same holds for assessing an employee’s progress against a year old Development plan. This is true for evaluating the achievement of long-term team strategic goals, too.

The key is to keep updating our goals, expectations, and plans with multiple-dimensional changes over time. Yes, it is hard work; the alternative is to do lazy work and pat our backs.