Embracing Diversity of Thought: The Power of Varied Mindsets!


I need to put in more hours to deliver the pending work.


I need to find a way to outsource the pending work.

In the first statement, I am pressured to complete the work. And I am a constraint.

However, according to the second statement, I will find a resource. Therefore, I may never become a constraint.

Both statements come from a very different mindset.

We all possess different mindsets and repeatable thinking patterns. Hence, we draw similar inferences. Our analogous decisions tend to give us similar results as well.

In my experience, I find it hard to change my mindset. However, when I am around people I admire and who also have different mindsets, they directly influence my thinking patterns.

I believe it is vital to surround ourselves with people who think differently. Their approach, assumptions, and even values may be different from ours. Under such influence, we tend to develop a more balanced view of the world.

I often find huge value in embracing diversity of thought and mindset.