Embracing the Side Stage: Finding Fulfillment in the Present!


In the early years of my career, I had my eyes on performing at the centre of the stage. Where others can see me, I can feel special.

With little experience, I only got roles to perform on a side stage. The roles were relatively insignificant. Performing those roles, I kept my eyes on the artist performing at the centre of the stage. You know all those C-Suite executives.

I wanted to climb that corporate ladder as soon as possible. I was frustrated performing my little roles. The harder I tried to climb the ladder, the more difficult it became. On that way, my seniors showed me fake carrots so I could stay in my current roles. As a result, my frustration grew even further. I started jumping from one role to another at different stages.

Retrospectively, the role and stage we perform are insignificant. People will forget us in a few years. So, it is much better to put everything in the role we are performing now and focus on relentless learning. Ultimately, our destinations do not mean much if we haven’t relished our journies. So, maybe we just need to devise reasons for finding fulfillment in the present.