Embracing Transformational Initiatives in the middle of Busy Day-to-Day Work

Digital Transformation

Without a doubt, our day-to-day work (Business as usual – BAU) is keeping us busy.

Any initiative that will make a real difference in our business is likely to be on our back burner.


Because we can say to ourselves and our stakeholders that we are busy. BAU work always takes priority over project work for a reason.

We can have an excuse to delay initiatives that will transform our business.

They may sound like:

  • We don’t have enough capital to invest in business automation
  • We need to hit our financial year targets before we think of any investment in technology
  • We are too busy, let us focus on delivering customer orders first
  • Our enterprise software is all good. The IT department can fix a few things, and we are good.
  • Nothing much can be done. We are stuck with the systems we have.
  • IT projects are too expensive, we are thinking about it.

And many other excuses…..

Let us ask ourselves which excuse we are telling ourselves and our stakeholders. Yes, we may be able to get away with such excuses. But, sometimes, we may choose to be on the hook and commit to investing in initiatives that will make a real difference in our organisation.

Sometimes it is good to do the just right things. So, why not consider embracing transformational initiatives in the middle of busy day-to-day work?

Finally, the choice is still ours!