Emerging technologies will push us out of business!

Digital Transformation

Emerging technologies (Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, IoT) will push many organisations out of business. It is not a discussion point or speculation; it will happen.

For instance, look at ChatGPT and imagine how it will impact education, marketing, sales and numerous other sectors. You need to consider this seriously if you are running a traditional copywriting business.

As a business, we have a choice to make:

Either we can sit in a dark corner, continue to do what we have always done and assume that technology will not impact us.


We look at technology as a tool to support our business. We pivot and deploy technology as a tool to give more value to our customers. Rather than trying to compete, we exploit technology to our advantage.

We have the decision to make. Either we use technology to thrive or wait for it to destroy our business!

Emerging technologies will push us out of business! There is no doubt about it!