Keep emotions in check while selecting enterprise software!

Visioning and Selection

Our emotions lead to buying decisions. Interestingly, it is seldom our rational mind. Enterprise software vendors are experts in getting you (The selection panel) excited about their product.

You will hear some heavy words like Digital Transformation, Modern user interface, and workflow engine. You will see flashy screens with the sleek dashboards and reports in their presentations. The system will look effortless to operate. You will start to believe that you have complete control of the system. You will hear that the system is highly customisable, and some big names (your competitors, perhaps) are already using the system.

After going through all of this, the emotional state of the Selection panel often goes up. There can be a strong urge from them to make an investment decision too.

As a Project Sponsor, help the Selection panel by keeping emotions in check while selecting enterprise software!

Remember, the cost of failure due to selecting the wrong product is too high!