Empowering B2B Decision Makers!

Visioning and Selection

As customers, we deserve to have options. Perhaps there are options with pros and cons.

As B2B decision makers, we must do our due diligence before making decisions.

Vendors may push us to decide on the only option they provide. They may manipulate options so that we may pick their desired option. There may be time-bound pressures, such as end-of-month or year discounts. There may be emotional pressure. We may be led to believe that the product or service is scarce. People may encourage us to be decisive so we don’t miss out.

Some of us may have come across such tactics before. But remember, as customers, we must know all the good options before choosing the best. Our decision does not have to be to choose one of many options. Our decision can be to reject all options.

Remember, the sales teams work hard to sell. As buyers, we must work hard to buy intelligently.