The enormous waste that no one is paying attention to!


Sustainability, clean energy, environment protection and a green economy are the focus topics around the developed world. However, there is enormous waste that no one is paying attention to! This waste costs economies tens of billions, but we don’t talk much about it. It is pretty much a norm to live with the status quo!

So, you may be thinking, what waste is it?

It is a waste of human potential!

You may wonder how?

We have tremendous potential and value to offer. However, the old paradigms restrict us from shining. The red tape, rigid organisational structure, and hierarchy tame us to follow outdated, useless rules and systems.

Our remuneration is based on our experience; instead, the value we added. Our experience is based on years spent doing the same things instead of measuring our learnings.

Our formal education often becomes a hurdle. Sometimes we are overqualified or underqualified. Employers look for long-term employment instead of value add employment.

Job titles are distributed to cajole us into staying in the same job. However, while the position remains the same, the job title often turns out to be more creative (Principal Practice Lead, APAC Head of Services).

I can continue, but you get the point!

The question is, what will you do today, tomorrow and every day to improve the situation?