Be Aware of Your Environment.


Sometimes, we have little influence over things.

We may find it challenging to motivate the team to put in extra work to keep the project on track. We observe employees taking advantage of workplace laws, and we cannot do anything about it. On the other hand, employees are treated miserably elsewhere, and no laws support them.

We may wonder how it is possible.

I believe: It happens because it can!

You may think, what can we do about it.

I think: Often not much!

As leaders, we must be aware of the environment around us. A terrible act of crime in one place can be accepted as common practice in another. Before we jump to conclusions and get ahead of ourselves, it is essential to be aware of environmental differences and constraints.

Sometimes, there is no explanation for these things. They are given, so, as leaders, we must be aware of them and use them in our favour, where possible.