ERP and CRM are merely the start of Digital transformation!

Digital Transformation

This is a common misconception among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

They assume that implementing enterprise software (ERP/CRM) is the end goal for their organisation. So, they only need robust enterprise software.

However, ERP and CRM are merely the start of Digital transformation.

The following actions offer a few suggestions:

  • Once the business is settled in with the new enterprise software, then develop a continuous improvement framework within your organisation
  • Introduce continuous improvement themes to improve data, business processes, security roles, usability and more.
  • Implement automation and workflows to streamline business processes.
  • Use data to your advantage. For example, continuously eliminate bottlenecks, and improve the business processes.
  • Consider the implementation of new modules/features in the existing enterprise solution.
  • Implement a governance framework to ensure fair use of the enterprise software on an ongoing basis.
  • Consider investing in custom portals
  • Consider integration among the various software tools
  • Consider investing in emerging technologies (AI, Metaverse, Blockchain)

The point is that enterprise software implementation is the first step in the Digital Transformation journey! Follow the suggestions above and improve the digital capabilities of your organisation. Don’t end at the start. Digital Transformation can be a long but fruitful journey!