Beware, ERP implementation is a start, not an end!

Digital Transformation

We often think of ERP implementation as a tick on the corporate checklist. Once ERP implementation is complete, that is it! There is no foresight to improve ERP usage, data quality or implement additional modules.

Note that the ERP implementation is a start, not an end to digital maturity.

Think of ERP implementation as moving to a new house. The real work starts after the move. But, the work never really stops. As we grow, our requirements and priorities change. So, our house continuously evolves with us.

Similarly, ERP must also get mature with the organisation. As organisations evolve, ERP must support them. There is so much that you can do. The problem arises when organisations think of ERP implementation as a one-time investment. This is far from the truth!

The following is the list of a few things you should consider:

  • Implementation of additional ERP modules to automate other business areas.
  • Integrate ERP with the other business applications
  • Staff training and re-training to ensure ERP is optimally utilised
  • Ensure Data governance processes and ownership is in place
  • Automate manual processes within ERP

The point is that ERP implementation is not an end but a start of your organisation’s digital maturity!