ERP Implementation – The war against evil!

Digital Transformation

Think of ERP implementation as a war against the evil ‘Status quo’. Trust me; this battle is not easy!

Most like ‘Status quo’, as it gives comfort – there is no extra work for anyone. In contrast, ERP implementation causes pain, as there is a lot of change. For example, learning new concepts, adapting to new systems and processes.

However, the path of pain is the way to go!

So, as a wise Army General (Project Sponsor), make sure you have well-trained troops. They know how to work together and fight against the Status quo. Further, ensure that you have enough boots on the ground to combat and crush the enemy. The longer you take, the more costly and deadly this war can get.

Like a wise Army General, fight this war to crush the army sensibly in the shortest possible time. This fight is worth it, but make sure you are fully prepared to fight and win!

Good luck!