ERP projects are not about innovation!

Digital Transformation

ERP projects are not about innovation. You should not waste time innovating the best Order to Cash process during implementation. Instead, adapt to the standard process that the ERP offers. The standard processes should fit well if you have selected the right ERP product. ERP implementations are about automating the boring processes (Order to Cash, Procure to Pay) asap. You should be consistent with the rest of the industry. So, your processes may not be too different from your competitors. Keep it simple and get on to using the new ERP asap.

Once you have a fully functioning ERP, it is time to innovate. Now, you have one system which is the source of truth. Interrogate the data, identify bottlenecks and continuously innovate.

Here the timing is critical. During ERP implementation, you must keep it simple and adopt standard industry practices. Then, after ERP is in full swing, find every way to innovate continuously. So, ERP implementations serve as a foundation of innovation.