Beware, everyone is selling!

Visioning and Selection

The world is increasingly becoming a noisier place than ever before. If you have the power to spend, you are in demand. Individuals, companies, and associations are targeting you for your attention. Yes, they provide helpful information (like this blog post) and entertainment for free. But remember that you are paying them your most precious resource – your time and attention.

Everyone is selling in this global market. Few are subtle, and others are more direct. So, we must all take time off the noisy world and understand what we want as individuals, families and organisations. If we are not careful, we will continue to buy the technology and stuff that adds no real value.

Look at this, for instance – Human-made materials now equal weight of all life on Earth. So this stuff has to go somewhere. If we don’t know what we want, we may end up buying junk we don’t need.

I acknowledge it is easier to say than do it. We must keep on trying, though.