I Will Be Unable To Play The Game Of Life At Some Point!


I have often benefited from what I didn’t have.

For instance:

  • I am not a very quick learner. This problem helped me work hard and take time to learn things at my own pace. It also helped me to reflect on a deeper perspective.
  • I always wanted to be a tall guy. Research suggests that shorter guys live longer. So, it may be a bonus for being relatively short.
  • Nothing came easy in my life. I never had an overnight success. This experience has taught me to keep on grinding with patience.

Reflecting on what I don’t have, I may be better overall.

Maybe it is merely a perspective.

The fact is that life can be tough.

Think about people living in war-torn countries. People who suffer from terminal illnesses. Thousands of accidents lead to permanent disability and the death of loved ones every day.

I am learning to appreciate what I have and don’t have. I realise that I will be unable to play the game of life at some point.