How to get your house in order?

Visioning and Selection

When we get too busy with our lives, after a while, there is an epiphany moment. We realise that our house is a mess. There is too much stuff; things are unorganised and intertwined to present themselves as a perfect mess!

The whole experience can be pretty overwhelming. However, we can quite easily distract ourselves by sorting a little corner while forgetting about the big picture (the entire house).

In business, the same is true for digital assets (software, technology). When the business focus is on growth, fighting fires (operations), or saving costs, digital assets tend to become a mess.

Executives often look at little corners (Finance, Sales) and miss the big picture (enterprise). To clear the clutter, we must have a holistic view of the enterprise. Often you have a limited window of opportunity to get your house in order. Therefore, seek professional help. Undertake enterprise-level business and capability reviews. Develop capability and system maps. Identify business problems and opportunities. Seek recommendations on developing a roadmap (action plan) to get your house in order.

Make sure you clean up before the next storm of change in here!