Authentic Leadership: Going Beyond Shallow Advice and Demonstrating Empathy!


Life is a journey, we must keep going. or,

We must practice mindfulness to live our life the fullest. or,

When we set goals, we do not rethink, we put everything to achieve them!

Advice like the above is going to be very shallow, useless and possibly frustrating for the team member who is going through tough times. For instance, chronic health problems, relationship issues, or threats to well-being.

When we are in a position of power, it is quite convenient to give lectures on what one should do. But, the great leaders that I know, walk the talk, listen more than they speak and demonstrate utmost empathy without judgement.

How about going beyond shallow advice and demonstrating empathy?

Our position may have given us permission to speak and offer advice. But, our team will only give us true respect when we demonstrate great leadership!