Hire effortless people!

Visioning and Selection

The success of your project is highly dependent on your Project team. So, hire the best possible resources for your project.

But, what to look for while deciding on the resources for the Project team?

The specific details differ based on the factors like the type of project, project phase/stage and organisational culture. But there is one thing that you must look for in every new hire.

That is, ensure that you hire effortless people!

By effortless I mean the people who:

  • makes everything sound simple. They massively simplify complex processes and explain in simple terms what we need to do.
  • makes us believe that everything is straightforward and manageable
  • work really hard when no one is looking at them and appear to be laidback when working with the Project team

You get the idea!

You will also come across people overcomplicating things. Beware of them!

Only aim for hiring effortless people for your project!