Think Big Picture: The Importance of Holistic Solution!

Visioning and Selection

If a child has a nut allergy, simply preventing them from eating nuts may not suffice. A holistic solution is needed to ensure they are not exposed to nuts, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Similarly, if an adult is overweight, reducing their food intake alone may not be enough. A holistic approach is necessary to address their eating habits, sleep patterns, exercise routine, and meditation practices.

Business problems are often approached in a narrow and compartmentalised manner. For instance, if the sales team is struggling to convert, a workshop may be held to enhance sales management skills. However, this alone may not suffice as the bigger picture is often overlooked. For example, lead recording and management processes, prospect persona development, and sales team KPI management should also be considered.

One of the primary reasons why business improvement and technology implementation projects lose their value is due to the lack of a holistic approach.

What steps are you taking to ensure that your approach is different and addresses all relevant factors?