How does innovation starts?

Digital Transformation

We all talk about innovation. But how does innovation starts? What triggers us to innovate?

There may not be one particular trigger. However, one of the most common and profound triggers is ‘the question’.

The questions like:

  • Why does the customer have to wait?
  • Why do patients have to suffer for so long?
  • Why do we need to predict demand to manufacture?
  • Why do members have to call to know the status of the application?
  • Why do we have to chase customers for more sales?
  • Why do we rely on non-renewable fuel?
  • Why must we write detailed specifications and plans before software development?

You get the point!

There is hidden power and magic in such questions. At the start, such questions may sound silly and stupid. But follow them through. Challenge the status quo with something new and profound.

We must persevere to find the answers to such questions. The question is the seed for innovation. The fruit of innovation needs our persistence, sacrifice, and hard work.

Do not give up!

We must start by asking silly questions and planting the seeds of innovation.