Deeper I go, the more I know – how insignificant I am!


A few months ago, I started learning Karate with my daughter. I assumed it was going to be an easy ride for me. Well, how difficult punching/kicking can be.

Soon I realised how wrong I was. It takes years to reach any decent level (say a black belt).

Another amazing observation is the love the respect we give to the Sensei. It reminds me of teachers back home (India). My respect for Sensai doubles every time I see them training as a student in another Sensei’s class. These martial artists have trained and mastered their art for over 15 years. There must be much to learn and improve on. Learning one more thing in other Sensei’s class is a gem of value they take home with them.

Now, when I look at the corporate world. It is a very messy situation altogether. We pretend to know it all. The role of managers, executives and leaders are to listen intently. But, unfortunately, we see them making much noise and beating their chests.

It is liberating to see yourself as a lifelong learner. On the surface, I can pretend to know it all. However, the deeper I go, the more I know – how insignificant I am!