How much you reap depends on how much you sow!


Most of us would agree with ‘You reap what you sow’. The other aspect is how much did you sow? How much you reap depends on how much you sow!

The question is, how much are we investing in sowing the good seeds. What is our plan to irrigate and consistently remove the weeds? How much are we nurturing the little plants of good deeds before they bear fruit?

It is about serving a higher purpose, doing the right thing and trusting in the system.

However, if our focus is on ‘I’ thinking Proving my point, securing the next promotion, being on top of mind, selfies for self-promotion and so on. But, then, our objective is merely a quick fruit, which is often tasteless (e.g. the number of likes on my post).

Therefore, play the long game. Sow plenty of good seeds and take care of plants without expecting any fruits.

I humbly admit to learning the hard way - how to sow plenty of good seeds and water them every day!
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