How to keep it simple? It starts with you!


We covered that as a Project Sponsor, you must keep things simple. The complexity of human interaction is the biggest challenge in any project.

We also discussed that ‘I’ thinking is the underlying root cause of complexity. ‘I’ thinking is protecting and glorifying yourself. It propagates down from leaders. Soon, it becomes part of the organisation culture. In such organisations, it becomes tough to execute the projects efficiently. As project team and stakeholders are driven by self-interest and operate with thick armour to protect themselves.

So, what we can do about it? How to keep it simple?

As a leader, lead by focusing on the objective of the project. Embrace servant leadership by training your mind that it is not about you. You are leading the initiative to meet the set goal. Be honest, be vulnerable; no one expects you to have all the answers. Your humility goes a long way!

When the project team, vendors and stakeholders observe this change in you, they will gradually reciprocate. So soon, you will develop a productive and dedicated team of individuals with real people.

I understand that it is easier said than done. But, there is no doubt that servant leadership is liberating. We come out of ourselves; we see much bigger objectives to serve!

Where should we start?

Maybe by telling ourselves occasionally – “It is not about me”!

How to keep it simple