How to make swift decisions and choices?

Decision making

Observing yourself is a fascinating thing to do.

While parking my car in the city, when I see too many parking spots, I often catch myself taking my time deciding where to park. When there are too many choices, I take my time to select the best one. So, no other car is parked around my car. Further, I try to park closer to the lifts.

In grocery shops, I see myself comparing the amount of protein between two types of cheese or yogurt.

Similarly, I spend time comparing prices and discounts on my suit and shoes. Worse, once I was picking one shirt out of two with precisely the same colour and brand!

We love to have choices and the liberty to make decisions. However, this freedom comes at a cost. There is a cost for making wrong choices and decisions. There is also a cost for not making any choices or decisions. Further, there is a cost for delaying making choices or decisions.

So, the question is, how to make swift decisions and choices?

I think the first step is acknowledging that decisions and choices are crucial. We must learn to make wise decisions and choices in a timely way.

Secondly, there is a cost for delaying our decisions. Again, it can be the cost of our time (or our team’s time), thinking and procrastinating before making a decision. The cost can be continuing to live with the problem and not deciding on a solution. It can be losing opportunity due to delays in decision-making.

Thirdly, knowing – what the stake is. So, before making the decision, what is at risk? If the stake is high, then take time, consult, and refine your understanding. If the stake is low, then choose the best option and move on.

It is not easy. I am learning with you!

Let us not stop trying!