I Think This Should Be The Goal Of Every Leader!

Digital Transformation

I am fortunate to experience the different types of managers and their management styles.

I respect managers who can roll up their sleeves and do the work they are delegating. They often know precisely the time, potential risks, and unknowns within any process. They help their team learn and continuously improve. I see them challenging the constraints and proactively automating the processes. Over time, they create capacity within their team so they can proactively think ahead and be strategic. They make more people like them.

In their team, things continue to change, evolve, and improve.

I think this should be the goal of every leader. Make yourself redundant, so your team grows to take over your responsibilities. Progressively increase the team’s capacity by ruthlessly automating, improving, and outsourcing parts of the process.

No one can stop great things from happening within their organisations. It is just a matter of time!