Stop insulting transformations with a narrow viewpoint!


Transformations are complex initiatives.

A body transformation is not limited to reducing fat and building muscle. However, these two aspects are often quite visible. True body transformation is the coordinated effort to improve all the body elements (metabolism, strength, endurance, general health).

Unfortunately, we have a narrow viewpoint about transformations (Business, Digital or other).

The fact is that implementing new information systems is not a Digital Transformation. Similarly, merely pivoting a Business model or adding a new service stream is not a Business Transformation. Transformations are much more profound, multifacet initiatives. We must run these initiatives as a coordinated effort on multiple dimensions.

For example, let us stop thinking that CRM implementation is configuring, testing and training the staff on the new CRM software. Instead, it involves but is not limited to:

  • Understanding of business vision and strategy to transform the customer experience. Here note that transforming customer experience is not limited to the digital experience only.
  • Simplification of complex business processes by process improvement and automation.
  • Organisational restructure and alignment to support the overall initiative.
  • Change management to support the initiative.

You see, software implementation is a tiny part of CRM implementation. The coordinated effort for all other streams matters, resulting in real transformations. So, please stop insulting transformations with a narrow viewpoint!

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