Unveiling the Wisdom of Introspection!

Change Management

It is always good to introspect why we do certain things.

For example, why do we celebrate specific festivals or special events, and what is the reasoning behind a few rituals?

This introspection helps us understand why we do certain things instead of mindlessly following tradition.

This introspection is equally essential in personal and professional life. You are likely to get some great insights.

For example, the festival you celebrate has nothing to do with your religion or cultural group. Similarly, the rituals of team meetings, reports, or AGM briefings add no value.

When we find such insights, our first instinct is to tell the world about it. We may want to explain why the few rituals are a sheer waste.

In such situations, we may be better off calming down and reconsidering our potential announcements. Consider these questions instead:

  • Is it worth going through the pain of convincing everyone to change?
  • It is about change; change takes time. What is my change management strategy?
  • Is it worth fighting this battle?

Remember that sometimes, it is wise to go with the flow. This option is always with us. It may sound like the option of a weak. It can equally be the option of wise.