Keep Looking Inside!


If I teach a group of students, I may get frustrated because they are not making the progress I expect. I may feel it is not worth it. It may seem that I am alone who is pushing for new learning for them. I may label my students as insincere, lazy, or even dumb.

However, it is equally valid that I may not have understood my students. I may not have noticed their interests, learning styles and backgrounds. Furthermore, I may not be as articulate as I want to be.

The reasons for our frustrations, shortcomings, and flaws are often not far from us. The problem is that we are designed to look for these reasons outside. However, it may help to discipline our minds to look for them inside.

In my experience, merely looking inside is not enough. Due to the internal darkness, we may not find much. However, keep trying and looking inside; this introspection is worth it!

Keep looking inside!