Check the ladder you are climbing!


We measure the project progress based on the agreed Project Budget and Schedule (plan). In turn, the project schedule and budget are based on several assumptions:

  • The software we are implementing will meet the business needs
  • We have capable resources to undertake the planned work and deliver quality outcomes
  • The Business knows what they want from the solution
  • The project estimates are realistic
  • The project approach will support in meeting the project objective

Many of such assumptions may not hold true. So, the sooner we know about our assumption, the more chances we have to adjust and meet the set project objectives.

Most project teams are extremely busy randomly climbing ladders – up and down. However, the teams with solid governance validate their assumptions systematically before climbing any ladder.

The progress is not in doing work as per the plan. Instead, progress is in focusing on the ultimate objective and constantly finding better ways to attain it. So take your time to inspect every ladder, and don’t assume the ladder you are climbing is leaning to the right wall!