The likability trap – Deadly game of enterprise software presales!

Visioning and Selection

We buy from the people we like. Enterprise software presales in no different. You will find that the presales team understands your business quite well. They say all the right things. They are patient, courteous, diligent, and even good looking too. They have all the qualities to be likeable!

Here is how the likability trap works against you.

First, after the initial interactions, you will see that the software Selection panel starts liking the presales team. Then, once there is a good level of trust, the discussion and queries tend to be more ad hoc and casual. Therefore, no one records the agreements and promises that the vendor’s Presales team has made. Finally, once the Project sponsor signs the contract, the people you liked (the Presales team) hand over the project to the Delivery team and moves on to the next prospect.

So, the point is that you made the investment decision under the influence of the Presales team. But, after you sign the contract, you deal with an entirely new set of people (The Delivery team). If you have kept the things at their face value and blind trust in the Presales team, you are at the mercy of the Delivery team. However, suppose you have done the complete due diligence during the Presales. In that case, you have much better control over enterprise software implementation.

Understand the likability trap. Realise that the people you trust are the first to move on after signing the contract. The question is, have you done the right level of due diligence to protect the interest of your company? Or are you falling into the likability trap?